Dade City to Unveil $6.7-million Government Complex By Leah Masuda

by Florida Properties Group on 3/11/2016

Dade City to Unveil $6.7-million Government Complex

It’s been a year in the making, and now Dade City’s brand-new city hall and police department are next door to each other. The new government complex, which is located at 38020 Meridian Ave., represents a fresh start for both the Dade City Police Department and City Hall. “We tried to bring in some of the historical features of the downtown and also some newer technology,” City Manager Billy Poe said.

Both were in old, degrading buildings, but now the police department is outfitted with a lot more safety features like a safe room right when you walk in. “If somebody feels like they’re in danger, they can come right into that room, shut the door, it’s safe in there,” said Chief Velboom. “Then an officer can access them and bring them into the building. Read More