Florida TaxWatch provides comprehensive guide to local government taxing and spending

by Florida Properties Group on 7/15/2016

Florida TaxWatch provides comprehensive guide

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida taxpayers provide billions of dollars for the state’s 67 counties and hundreds of other municipal governments and taxing districts to spend. It is often difficult, however, for taxpayers to find comprehensive information on their local government’s revenues and expenditures that also provides comparisons with other jurisdictions and their ranking within Florida. The research contained within How Florida Counties Compare provides greater clarity in local public finance.

More than half of all Florida government revenue is raised at the local level rather than by the state. That is one of the highest levels in the nation. And while in the next few months Florida’s property owners will receive a “TRIM notice” explaining how much they are paying in property taxes and how that money is being spent, it is difficult to assess all of the other taxes paid by hard-working Floridians. The pocket guide looks at local governments within the state, particularly their tax rates, tax revenue, county expenditures and more. There are more than 50 tables, charts, and graphs providing taxpayers, policymakers and elected officials thorough and comprehensive information on numerous financial, monetary and economic figures of every county in Florida…...... Read More